Artist Kirk Billiter

I create contemporary abstract art with a message of faith and hope for your heart and your home.

Creating art is my passion and my calling, one that I owe entirely to the transformative power of God’s love. In 2003, I was lost and broken, both spiritually and mentally. But then something amazing happened: God reached down and breathed new life into me, igniting a flame of creativity that has burned ever since.

Now, with every stroke and every color I use, I seek to share the hope and faith that has sustained me through the darkest times. My art is a testament to the profound love and grace of Jesus Christ, and I pour every ounce of my being into each piece I create. Above all, I pray that Christ will find a home in your heart, just as He has in mine. Thank you for allowing me to share my passion and my faith with you.

My Art Process ...

As an artist, my creative process is deeply intertwined with my spirituality and the stories that touch my heart. Before I even lay a brush on canvas, I immerse myself in the holy scriptures that speak to my soul, searching for a message that resonates with me. Sometimes, it’s a prayer that guides me, other times it’s a worship song that moves me to tears. And always, there’s a real-world story that inspires me, filling me with a sense of purpose and presence that infuses my art with meaning.


 With my acrylics in hand, I begin by building texture with spackling, creating a foundation for the layers to come. This is where I let my intuition guide me, making marks and adding color that brings the canvas to life. With each layer, I explore the balance between color and texture, building depth and complexity until the painting takes on a life of its own.



But how do I know when it’s done? It’s not just a matter of technique or skill – it’s a matter of intuition and spirit. When the painting catches my gaze from across the room, stopping me in my tracks with its spiritual metaphor, I know I’ve hit the mark. And if not, I continue to rework it until it speaks to my heart and soul in the way that only true art can.

Available Artwork ...

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